Nelly’s Bow-tique is a family-owned business located in the Peach State of Georgia. Nelly’s Bow-tique is a subsidiary of Josh & Nelly’s, LLC. Nelly, at age 11, decided to create hair bows that complimented her personality and style. She created her first bow in August of 2016, which exhibited her exuberant creativity and inspiration. Nelly longed to share her inspiring bows with messages of hope. Nelly wants you to know that “In today's society, boys & girls face bullying, men & women face hardships, I hope that my personalized bows can uplift the spirits of those who are wearing them”. Allow us to inspire you.

It is the mission of Nelly’s Bow-tique to support charity causes targeting the youth by donating a percentage of sale proceeds to charitable organizations. Follow our "charitable initiatives" on our site’s page and our social media pages for full details regarding charity donations. 

Be blessed,

Josh & Nelly’s, LLC Family