• Nelly's BFF


    Do you have a best friend? Can your pet be your best friend? What makes a puppy a best friend? Read the reasons why this puppy is Nelly’s best friend.

    Grade Levels: Preschool -2nd grade
    Book Cover: Hard Cover; Finish Gloss
    Size: 8.500" x 11.000" (280mm x 216mm)
    Page Count: 20
    Spine Width 0.25000 in
    Weight 0.813 lbs
    Interior Color and Paper Color: Premium Color
    Print ISBN 978-1-7370742-1-2
    eBook ISBN 978-1-7370742-0-5 

    About the Author: I, Joanne Telcide-Bryant studied education at Liberty University, where I earned a post-graduate degree as an Education Specialist. Today, I serve children as a special education teacher, and I work with the speech impaired. Additionally, I tutor as a reading comprehension specialist for academically at-risk students. Reading children's books to my students continues to bring joy to my heart as I teach young learners to read, narrate stories and improve their comprehension skills. Growing one's imagination is evidence that early intervention is an essential foundation to achieving academic success.