• The Best Time of the Year


    The best time of the year is shared with many. It’s usually a time filled with plenty. Big hearts, warm hugs, thankfulness, and cheer because presents are exchanged this time of year. Stories of joy are told near and far, and carols are sung by the most favorite superstars. 
    What are some activities you enjoy during the best time of the year?
    This story includes more than 1200 literacy words, a prologue, a glossary, and a set of comprehension questions.

    Trim Size
    11.000" x 8.500" (216mm x 280mm)
    Interior Color and Paper
    Color: Premium Color
    Binding Hardback: Case Laminate
    Cover Finish: Gloss
    Page Count: 50
    Print ISBN: 978-1-7370742-9-8
    Spine Width: 0.25000 in
    Weight: 1.018 lbs.